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I was born in 1974 (you do the maths), and grew up in the old silver-mining-turned-high-tech town Kongsberg near Oslo. Being young and restless, I studied political science before turning to back geology. From then, I never looked back.

M.Sc. in structural geology from the University of Oslo in 2001 and a PhD in tectonics from the University of Tromsø in 2008, with the dissertation Tectonic evolution of the Lofoten passive margin, North Norway.

Geology is much more than a science. It is the epic story of Earth through the Eons, and of life. It is a story where mountains rise and fall to dust, where oceans open and close, of snowball Earths and the inferno of volcanoes. It is the story of how Earth, through many meanderings, made life and finally us…

Our society is also shaped by geology. My home town would never have existed without the silver, and everyone knows how oil shaped the Norwegian society. Geology shapes life, and it shapes human history. This blog is my exploration of this fantastic world.

Contact information:
Karsten Eig
Phone: +47 (to Norway) 402 17 515
E-mail: karsteneig(alpha-whirl)gmail.com

10 responses to “About & Contact

  1. Hello Karsten
    I’m currently visiting Malta from Australia, and just wanted to drop a line to say thank you so much for your fascinating article on limestone in Malta. My friend Beverley and I were both curious about the subject, and you have enlightened us tremendously. As someone who initially trained in chemistry, I truly appreciate anyone who can write about science in a way that is both informative and entertaining. We think you could be the Professor Brian Cox of geology!
    Best regards, Susan

    PS we both think Norway is lovely!

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind words! Glad it was useful! ..Brian Cox of geology…that would certainly be an ego boost! :D

  3. Hei, Karsten!
    Vet du om du har familie i Hedmark, nærmere bestemt i Solør?
    Det er endel med etternavnet Eig i Våler-Flisa området.
    Hadde vært interessant å vite!

  4. Hello Karsten,
    your last article was already some time ago. Busy? Not inspired for a while? In doubt about tje usefulness of your website?
    Don’t worry about the last. I enjoy your writing (and photos) a lot. Keep in doing the good thing, please,

    B.Fraanje, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    • Hi!

      The blogging goes a bit up and down, depending on other life and work. Don’t worry, there are things coming up! :)

  5. So many thanks for these articles Karsten. I recently agreed to present geology and glaciology on a cruise ship in Svalbard (Paid trip to the polar regions? I’ll agree to anything. How hard can geology be? Now I know!). Your information in English for non-geologists gave me a massive headstart and my season went well. Thanks again.

  6. Hi, I have an MSc in geology but work in IT. I was searching for the geology of the road to Volterra for my blog and encountered your blog and then encountered the articles on Malta. Thank you for this since articles on Maltese geology are a rarity.

  7. Hi! I majored in geology back in the 1970’s and in 2023 hiked the Kungsleden. I had done some background research on the geology of the area before I started. It was fascinating to see a lot of the areas I read about. I would like to hike the Grona Bandet in 2025. I was wondering if you have done any articles here on your website of geologically interesting areas to visit along the way.

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