Malta article now in GEO ExPro!

Malta – a country shape by limestone (and some very old poo) features in Geotourism in the recent issue of GEO ExPro, a magazine for the petroleum exploration community – and for those who just want to learn about this fascinating business!

Here is the original article.

La Gomera: The Green Pearl of the Canary Islands has also been featured in the Geotourism section.

Lofoten and Vesterålen: Promised Land or Fata Morgana? was my first article in GEO ExPro, a reality check on the petroleum potential of the area, highly desired by the oil industry.

4 responses to “Malta article now in GEO ExPro!

  1. Two middle-aged Brits holiday in Malta for the first time found your article and much appreciated it. We are juggles too but keen to learn. Thanks

    • A list of strata and their sequence is what can be found in guidebooks and school books. You made it interesting and useful. So the bronze coloured nodules are poo !! It took me 64 years to learn that!
      I would like to send you a picture of a Maltese geological puzzle – rock that looks like splashed mud – a geological polaroid snap. It could not have formed underwater and yet it set hard and was preserved. Let me know if you come back to paradise and I can show it to you.

      • Hi Henry!

        Thanks for your nice message, and sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately, I have no trips to Malta lined up in the foreseeable fture, but if you would like feedback on an image, you can send to karsteneig(alpha)gmail(dot)com :)

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