Malta article now in GEO ExPro!

Malta – a country shape by limestone (and some very old poo) features in Geotourism in the recent issue of GEO ExPro, a magazine for the petroleum exploration community – and for those who just want to learn about this fascinating business!

Here is the original article.

La Gomera: The Green Pearl of the Canary Islands has also been featured in the Geotourism section.

Lofoten and Vesterålen: Promised Land or Fata Morgana? was my first article in GEO ExPro, a reality check on the petroleum potential of the area, highly desired by the oil industry.

2 responses to “Malta article now in GEO ExPro!

  1. Two middle-aged Brits holiday in Malta for the first time found your article and much appreciated it. We are juggles too but keen to learn. Thanks

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